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JBH Pharmaceutical Group is one of the first enterprises in China to pass the GMP certification of China. It has the ability to cooperate in full dosage form. It has established pharmaceutical manufactures in Kaifeng and Lankao. Currently, and all the sites are being upgraded and optimized according to latest GMP standards.

Shanghai Jinbuhuan Lankao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. which is located in the Lankao county, covers an area of 200,000m² and has workshops for tablets, powder, granules, Anti-tumor, hormone, capsule, and traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Henan Jinbuhuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd which is located in the Kaifeng City, covers an area of 26,666m² and has workshops for food and cosmetics.

金不换制药官网 金不换制药官网

To provide patients with high-quality drugs, JBH Pharma had been adopting and insisting the quality policy of exquisite and excellence Our entire process in drug production and supply is built in accordance with the national GMP requirements, while the facilities are constantly being upgraded following international standards.

金不换制药官网 金不换制药官网

The JBH Research Center is located in Kaifeng City, Henan, covers an area of 2,500m². Our R&D sector is mainly engaged in the synthesis of small molecule and new chemical finished dosage formulations. The sector is also responsible for the process optimization of our existing products.

In our R&D team, over 60% of the researchers have obtained a master degree or above. We have also actively cooperated with the major CRO institutes and universities.  We are striving to mark new medicines available to our patients sooner.

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